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Residential Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home's electrical system. It is vitally important that it is working properly for the safety of everyone in your home, and for your home itself. One of our experienced, qualified electricians can come to your home to provide you with an assessment and a free estimate so you can make the best informed decision about your panel.

Why would you consider upgrading your electrical panel?

  • you have an old fuse panel

  • you need to add more circuits and have no room left in the panel.

  • your electrical panel is over 40 years old

  • you have fuses or breakers that trip regularly

  • you hear crackling or arcing noises coming from your panel or fuse box

How does the panel change process work?

1. Call us at 905-962-5851 to book your free estimate.

2. If you are happy with the estimate and want to

move forward, we will contact the utility to arrange a date for your electrical meter to be pulled, so we can do the work safely.

3. We will contact the Electrical Safety Authority to take out a permit for the work being performed.

4. On the arranged date, we will be at your home first thing in the morning with an ultra-quiet generator and all the materials to complete the job. The work will last all day, with the hydro typically being reconnected in the early afternoon.

5. We will have the work inspected by ESA.

6. We will create a new circuit breaker directory for you.

7. We will clean up and settle the invoice for the work.

Old circuit breaker panel before replacement - Plugged In Electrical Services


New circuit breaker panel after replacement - Plugged In Electrical Services - Electrician Hamilton, Burlington, Caledonia and surrounding areas.


Call today to book your free estimate 905-962-5851
Old fuse panel 200A in need of replacement  - Plugged In Electrical Services
New 200A Circuit Breaker Panel Installed



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